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I had been having migraines very often. I had seen three migraine specialists and was on over 4 medications. After acupuncture, I feel great and have no headaches and I am off all the meds. Dr. Angie took the time to explain the hidden reasons for the headaches. Heidi W.

I had leg pain and no energy. I also could not sleep. My bones were stiff after sitting. I was taking prescription drugs and Tylenol for pain. After 3 days, the pain in my leg is gone. I have more energy. When I sit for a long period, my bones don't hurt. I am also sleeping most of the night. Acupuncture is great and the detox helped me feel more energized. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to feel better the natural way. Rita B.

I had debilitating spinal stenosis and sciatica for years, now the pain is manageable and much less. I do not wake up in pain and am off many pain killers. This is the place to come. Janet S.

I have worked in the factory for years and as a result I had lower back pain, body stiffness, and it was hard to get out of bed each morning. I had seen my family doctor, back specialist, and orthopedic surgeon. No one helped. I feel great now and have no pain. I go for "maintenance care" every 2 months to keep it in line. I would have ended up getting surgery if I didn't come here. The Healing Arts Center is fantastic. Jared O.

The circulation was bad in my legs and I had ulcers breaking out on my legs. I took meds and wrapped them everyday. After doing the detox and laser, my legs are 100% better and the ulcers have disappeared. Drs. Neal and Angela really care about their patients. They both know what they are talking about and tell you straight out what your problems are and how to fix them. Mike J.

I have tried to lose weight for years and nothing worked. I have lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks with acupuncture. It works great! She also taught me about eating patterns. Joni V.

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